Web Developer @ Icecrown Consulting

SEP 2012 - PRESENT // PHP, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap

Front-end design of templates and development of plug-ins and widgets for both WordPress and Joomla (CMS)

DB DESIGNER @ Universidad Centro Americana

FEB 2014 - MAR 2014 // PYTHON, pgSQL

The university had obtained 10 years of weather variables from several different sources. It was my job to unify the format of this data to the TMY (Typical meteorological year) standard, I wrote several Python scripts to parse and extract the data to populate a PostgreSQL database In some cases data manipulation was necessary to generate data where it was missing.

Apps Maker Contest

Oct 2013 // Python, KIVY, ANDROID

Two other partners and I formed a team to participate in a contest that gave us a month to develop a mobile device app we used the Python module Kivy and made it to the top 3 games . We were 1 of the 9 finalists, the winner out of more than 100 applicants.


JAN 2011 - AUG 2012 // PYTHON, PIL ,pyQt , django

As a freelancer I did several web scraping jobs and image manipulation through Python scripting.The biggest project I worked on was for ,NY Based Artist, Bradley Hart, for whom I developed a desktop app that would give him the map of bubbles to ease his work injecting large amounts of different color paint into bubble wrap creating pieces several feet in size as well as organize every project he worked on. To date he has produced more than 20 pieces and his work has started to go viral.

Speaker @ CONIA 2012


Every year the Universidad Centro Americana “Jose Simeon Cañas” has a Latin American Conference. I was chosen to speak about the
advantages of using Python in a talk entitled “Python: An Essential Tool”